Leading up to that raid, a multi-agency task force assembled by the state of Michigan began investigating a large batch of suspicious mail-in-ballot applications being delivered into Muskegon county by one single individual.

City Clerk Ann Meisch became skeptical when she analyzed the roughly 10,000 applications brought in by one woman, and determined that many of them had the same exact handwriting.

Then, when the woman returned with 2,500 more fraudulent applications, Meisch knew she had to call the police and did so while explaining to them that she feared something was very off with these ballots.

Police managed to track down the suspect who claimed that she was being paid $1,150 per week to find people who were not registered to vote and to help them fill out ballot applications. She was paid on a reloadable pay card and was also provided with an Enterprise Rental car to carry out the work.

The suspect revealed that the company paying her to do this was GBI Strategies, LLC – and here’s where things get crazy. GBI Strategies is a Democrat backed organization with operations in at least 20 different states. In 2020 they were paid $11 million by a Democrat super Pac to help get Joe Biden elected.

But new discoveries suggest that the circumstances surrounding GBI Strategies are even more bizarre than they initially seemed.   Despite having been handed multiple millions to make sure Joe Biden won the election, GBI Strategies HQ is someone’s house!

The company’s owner is Gary Bell who manages over 70 “organizing operations” in 20 states and lends logistical and consulting support to another 7 states.”

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