Our Mission is to:

  • Promote and advance the Principles of the Republican Party as articulated in the Platform of the Republican National Committee and the Michigan Republican Party;
  • Educate the citizens of St. Joseph County (MI) regarding the heritage and Principles of the Republican Party;
  • Recruit and prepare excellent candidates for public office;
  • Train and encourage local Republicans for effective participation in the electoral process, as Election Inspectors, Election Challengers, and Poll workers;
  • Raise funds to support our programs, Candidates and policy positions;
  • Expand voter participation in all elections through “get out the vote” campaigns, personal contact, Precinct engagement, and media outreach.

Our Vision is:

  • Our Vision of Michigan is that of a place where our citizens are free to realize their dreams and highest potential, through their own efforts, enabled by excellent education, a prosperous economy, and little to no governmental interference. 
  • It is a place where individuals assume the responsibility for their own destiny, as assisted by family, communities of faith and other charitable communities of interest, with equal opportunity for all. 
  • It is a place where parents are responsible for the education of their children and where educational choices are many and varied. 
  • It is a place where private enterprise and free markets are unencumbered by burdensome bureaucratic regulation and taxation.
  • It is a place where our heritage of individual liberty and personal responsibility are respected, valued, and taught.
  • It is a place where our beautiful and bountiful natural resources are preserved yet accessible to those who want to enjoy them responsibly.
  • It is a place where our physical and financial security is assured through the vigorous enforcement of criminal and civil laws, and where individuals are empowered and encouraged to be their own first line of defense.