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2023 Lincoln Day Event !
April 21, 2023 Starting at 6:00 PM

Location: Rouch World Event Center
...............63322 M-66, Sturgis, MI 49091

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Michigan Republican State Convention
These are the delegates selected to represent St Joseph County at the February 17,18, 2023 State Republican Convention:

1 - Rod Chupp - Lead
2 - Al Albarran
3 - Mary Anne Blood
4 - Geoffrey Burke
5 - Regina Chapman
6 - Craig Crabill
7 - Kay Decker
8 - George Hiller
9 - Kathy Humphreys
10 - Judy Jergens
11 - Lucinda Kujacnski
12 - Carl Merkhr
13 - Joyce Merkh
14 - Kelly Weaver

15 - State Representative Steve Carra

1 - Michelle Avery (Alternate #1)
2 - Allen Balog (Alternate #2)
3 - Nancy Cole (Alternate #3)
4 - Lethia Mensah (Alternate #4)
5 - Luis Rosado (Alternate #5)
6 - Becky Shank (Alternate #6)
7 - Candice Hicks(Alternate #7)
8 - Bill Branch (Alternate #8)
9 - Mikel Blood (Alternate #9)
10 - Debbie Branch (Alternate #10)
11 - Heather Avery (Alternate #11)

GOP State Convention - Lansing Center/Lansing MI
February 17 - 18, 2023
Feb. 17th Friday Caucus Start time: 7:00 PM
Feb. 18th Saturday Call to Order 9:00 PM

Feb 17th Friday Order of Business:
● 13 Congressional District Chairs to be Elected
● 91 Members of the Michigan Republican Party State Committee
● 13 Convention Vice Chairs (1 per Congressional District)
● 13 Assistant Secretaries (1 per Congressional District)

Feb 18th Saturday Order of Business (Election of):
● One (1) State Republican Party Chair
● One (1) State Party Republican Party Co-Chair
● One (1) Coalitions Vice Chair
● One (1) Outreach Vice Chair
● One (1) Grassroots Vice Chair
● One (1) Ethnic Vice Chair ,
● One (1) Administrative Vice Chair
● One (1) Youth Vice Chair

State Repr. Aaron Miller Radio Ad Stating Principles of the Republican Party
Sheriff Mark Lillywhite Ad for Support to Law Enforcement – Vote Republican

It is advisable to come early to each of our Monthly GOP Meetings, for a Meet & Greet time with coffee and desert available

Statement from Republican Chairman Chupp of St Joseph County Michigan Tuesday May 24, 2022 5:00 PM

Elections must be honest, secure, and transparent. That is how American elections should always be conducted, a standard which we must strive to uphold! St. Joseph County is fortunate to have quality clerks in our county, townships, and cities who have worked diligently to ensure elections with integrity. Unfortunately, the process in some counties appears to be the opposite. It is important that EVERY LEGAL vote be counted. It is equally important that every vote’s legality be verified. That is fair, just, and necessary for confidence in the process.

Upholding the absolute integrity of the ballot box is the only way people can have confidence in our government and our elections.

We have a legal process that provides for the examination of the entire election process. Here in Michigan, serious questions regarding election fraud in the Greater Detroit Area must be thoroughly investigated. The St. Joseph County Republican Party is committed to protecting the fundamental principle at the heart of our Democratic Republic and that is one person, one vote.

St Joseph County GOP Next Regular Meeting will be February 27, 2023 starting at 6:00 PM for In-Person,

Zoom option will be Available this time.
Join Meeting via ZOOM: See Link Below
Meeting ID: 881 4800 1800
Passcode: m0cBJ2


Meeting ID: 881 4800 1800
Passcode: m0cBJ2

St. Joseph County Republican Committee will meet on Monday, February 27 2023 at 6:00 PM IN-PERSON

We will be meeting in person at the
Covered Bridge Complex in Centreville, MI

Address: 612 East Main Street Centreville MI 49032
Behind the County MSU Extension Bldg

It is advisable to come at 5:30 PM early to each of our Monthly GOP Meetings, for Meet & Greet time with coffee and desert available​, GOP meeting will be starting at 6:00PM same time each MONTH

Attention Republicans in St Joseph County

48 Candidates for Republican Precinct Delegates appeared on the August 2, 2022 Ballot out of a total of 80 Precinct Delegate Positions. 55 out of 80 Slots filled (68.75%). This includes 2 delegates via write-in and 2 appointed at county Convention on August 11, 2022 and 2 more delegates appointed at the November 21st 2022 County Convention.
Then at January 26, 2023 County Convention one additional Delegate was added from Leonidas, MI This is a big increase from 2020 where there was only 14 delegates out of 75 (18.7%)

This is compared to only 13 Democrat Precincts on the August 2, 2022 Ballot

The following Elections will be held on Friday:

● Secretary of State - Kristina Karamo 67% of vote 1st round

● Attorney General - Matthew DePreno 49% of vote 1st round, 54% of vote 2nd round

● 2 Justices to the Michigan Supreme Court
- Paul Hudson, Brian Zahra (Both Unopposed)

● State Board of Education: (2 Members)
- Linda Lee Tarver 30% of vote 1st Round, 30% of vote 2nd Round
- Tamara Carlone 34% of vote 1st Round, 36.7% of vote 2nd Round

● Wayne State Board of Governors (2 Members)
- Craig Wilsher, Christa Murphy (Both Unopposed)

● 2 Michigan State University Board of Trustees
- Travis Menge 44.6% of vote 1st Round, > 40% 2nd Round not required
- Mike Balow, 35.6% of vote 1st Round, 74.2% of vote 2nd Round

● 2 University of Michigan Board of Reagents

- Lena Epstein, 30.2% of Vote 1st Round, 36% of vote 2nd Round
- Savag Vartanian, 33.5% 1st Round, 37.9% of vote 2nd Round

Monday, February 27, 2023

Agenda Items for February 27th 2023 Meeting:

1. Call to Order, Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance

2. Consent Agenda
● Additions & Deletions to the Agenda
● Remarks from the Chairperson
● Consent Agenda - VOTE
.....a) January 23 2022 Minutes
.....b) Financial Reports

3. Secretary Report

4. Elected Officials Reports

5. Committee Reports (Includes St Joseph Conservative Voices)

6. New Business
.....To Be Determined

7. Items for the Good of the the Party

8. Adjournment

Next Meeting - February 27 2023 @ 6 PM

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Currently we’re unable to receive mail to the new GOP Headquarters in Three Rivers. Please address all mail to the following P.O. Box. Thank you!

St. Joseph County Republican Party
PO Box 717
Sturgis, MI 49091


St Joseph County, MI Primary Election Statistics

County Wide Turnout: 27.61% / Total Registered Voters = 40,601
Total Votes Cast = 11,208

Total Republican Votes Cast for Governor: 8,288 - 78.5%
Total Democrat Votes Cast for Governor: 2,273 - 21.5%

All Vote Totals include only votes cast in St Joseph County, MI

Vote Totals for 5th District MI Representative to Congress

1st # is St Joseph County : 2nd # is Cass County : 3rd # is Vote Total is for Both Counties