The St. Joseph County Conservative Voices (SJCCV) is an independent, grassroots auxiliary organization committed to supporting the goals of the St. Joseph County Republican Party (SJCGOP). We will support the Party’s goals of increasing participation in the party and aiding in the election of qualified Republican candidates.

St. Joseph County Conservative Voice’s goals are to increase the treasury of the SJCCV, provide better service to members and constituents, and increase membership in SJCCV and SJCGOP.

In the year and a half, SJCCV has been meeting; we’ve entertained exciting speakers, held monthly meetings, and provided community outreach with our first Easter Egg hunt this spring. We held our first garage sale last August and put $1,800 in our general fund. Early this summer, we hosted our first Lady’s Tea and netted $845, which went into our Scholarship Fund, bringing that account to just over $2,000. The Scholarship Selection Committee is meeting to establish the criteria we will require students to meet to apply for a scholarship. At the 2024 Lincoln Day Dinner, we plan to present our first $1,000 scholarship in many years.

SJCCV hold meetings on every 2nd Saturday of each month starting at 10:00 AM at Firm Foundations Ministry Mobile Classroom located on Rte 86, in Centreville, MI 49032.

This is an open meeting, for the public and persons who may want to volunteer in the many tasks we need to increase voter turnout, and increased voter awareness of critical issues. We discuss positive actions that can be taken for the betterment of our communities in St Joseph County.

Judy Jergens
Chair, SJCCV